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Terms & conditions

General Terms and Conditions

For Capt Juhi Thakur Aviation Academy Services & Products


  1. Scope of application

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions govern the business relationship between Capt Juhi Thakur Aviation Academy (hereinafter referred to as “CJTAA”) and its customers (“Customer”) and apply to all CJTAA services and products. They are part of all offers, order confirmations and appointment reservations.

1.2 Conflicting or deviating terms and conditions shall not apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing between CJTAA and its Customers.


  1. Loyalty and Duty of Care
    2.1 CJTAA agrees to provide their services with the utmost care.

2.2 CJTAA Customer Support Liability: CJTAA points out that the paper-work facilitation, eGCA assistance and procedural guidance is a self-responsible process and certain successes cannot be guaranteed. CJTAA supports the Customer in particular as process facilitator and supporter of decisions and changes. The actual work to make a change is done by the Customer himself. The Customer should therefore be willing and open to deal with himself and his situation.

2.3. CJTAA and its Customers commit each other to loyalty and openness. Both sides do everything to the best of their knowledge and belief in order to make the success of the agreed service possible.


2.4 The Customer acknowledges that he/she has been made aware of the Minimum eligibility requirements, Course content, inclusions, exclusions, course fees, policies, terms and conditions at CJTAA.

  1. Terms of Registration

3.1 The registration for all our services takes place via a Registration Form sent via e-mail or in-person. By signing the Registration Form you are binding and agreeing to these terms and conditions. Your CJTAA training is reserved as soon as your application has been submitted along with 20% of the Invoiced Amount (this forms part of your agreed Course fee) and you have received a confirmation with your CJTAA Student ID. This creates a legally binding contract between the Customer and CJTAA.

  1. Service Billing and Payment Conditions

4.1 CJTAA has the right to require advance payments and/or partial payments depending on the number of courses and duration, and such advance payments shall be specified in the CJTAA quotation and are accepted by Customer with the related order confirmation.

4.2 Unless otherwise agreed, all payments shall be made by Customer within 7 days after the invoice date without deduction. Decisive date is the receipt of money on our account. The right to participate in the enrolled Course is only valid upon full payment of the invoice amount, if there is no other agreement.


4.3 Payment shall be made by Customer in accordance with the payment terms, to the bank account as specified on the invoice. Customers undertake to pay the invoices within the agreed payment period.

4.4 As an Indian Registered Company we usually invoice all our services in INR. For Payment in foreign currencies the exchange rate of the invoice date is relevant. For payments from abroad, please note that additional transfer fees may apply to foreign transfers.

4.5 CJTAA has the right to issue invoices in electronic format, and Customer shall accept electronic invoices as official invoices for payment.

4.6 For all services subject to GST, CJTAA additionally charges the statutory GST amount.

4.7 Training Certificate: After training or course completion participants will either receive a “Certificate of Completion”. The certificate will be issued after receipt of payment and if the participant has attended at least 90% of the class.


  1. Cancellation/Rebooking through the Customer

5.1 Request for Cancellation after the registration, we raise the following fees after receipt of the written declaration of cancellation:

  • Up to 14 calendar days prior Commencement: free of charge
  • Between 14 and 8 calendar days prior to commencement: 50% of the invoice fee
  • Less than 7 calendar days prior to commencement and no-show: 100% of the invoice fee is payable to CJTAA

The above clause can be revoked by Management on a case to case basis.

5.2 Replacement: A replacement participant can be nominated only for until 2 days before training commencement. Please inform our training department by email about personal details of the replacement.

  1. Program Changes

6.1 Program changes are reserved for CJTAA. In principle, CJTAA has the right to cancel training/support sessions/lectures without substitution (this includes cancellation due insufficient number of participants). The training/support participants will be punctually informed and will receive back all already paid training fees in such a case. Further compensation cannot be claimed.

6.2 In case of illness of the trainer/coach or other unforeseen events (accident etc.) that make the use of the specified trainer/coach impossible, CJTAA is authorized to appoint another qualified trainer/coach for the training/support days concerned or to re-schedule the training/support at the earliest possible date.

6.3 For training, courses and seminars, CJTAA has the right to change the content of services should it appear necessary for technical reasons, such as updates, further developments or optimization. CJTAA shall have the right to exchange lecturers announced for a specific course or seminar by equally qualified lecturers.

6.4 CJTAA reserves the right to adjust course/ class dates/ times. The Customer will be punctually informed.


  1. Price Changes, Inclusions/ Exclusions
    7.1 Price changes in the future are reserved for CJTAA.

7.2 Training price for training/courses/seminars/lectures held at the premises of CJTAA includes course content, documentation, certificate of participation/completion.

*For CPL/ ATPL/ RTR Theory Classes only, we include a FREE repeat SIT-IN (without personal attention) for respective classes in-case desired. Any further repeat requests will be charged the full course fee.*


7.3 Hotel accommodation is excluded and shall be booked by the Customer.


  1. Intellectual Property and Rights of Use

8.1 For the purposes of our business, CJTAA uses generally available technical and methodical knowledge, knowledge acquired from other sources, and knowledge that has been further developed by CJTAA itself and adapted to special customer relationships.

8.2 Any training material provided by CJTAA shall only be used for the purpose of education and training of the Customer, and shall not be forwarded or otherwise be made available by Customer to third parties. The provision of access to training and course documentation, shall only be used by Customer for the registered training/course; transfer or any other provision of access to third parties is prohibited.

8.3 CJTAA claims the copyright on all its own documents, regardless of whether a corresponding copyright notice is attached to the document concerned.

8.4 CJTAA or any other party’s notices, brands or trademarks shall not be removed by Customer from any documents or materials provided by CJTAA.


8.5 CJTAA reserves the right to request for testimonials and take video/photo footage from live classroom sessions and use the same for advertisements/ marketing purposes.


  1. Confidentiality and Data Protection


9.1 CJTAA treats all company and personal data it receives in connection with its activities or that it generates through its activities, in complete confidence. CJTAA does not pass these on to third parties. Exceptions are permitted if an organization or individual explicitly authorizes CJTAA to do so.

9.2 CJTAA treats personal data with the utmost care. When individual personal reports are made on individual members, CJTAA considers those individuals the sole beneficiaries of that information, regardless of who has placed or pays the order.

9.3 Reports or information to other persons, in particular to other organizations and/or supervisors, will only be given with the consent of the authorized person.


  1. Liability

10.1 The activity of CJTAA is a pure service activity meant for personal development. Success of the course is based on individual performance and we cannot provide any Job guarantee whatsoever. None of our courses carry any Regulatory Approval, they are a culmination of our extensive experience and research. Any liability, for indirect or consequential damages, is excluded.

10.2 CJTAA takes over no liability for accident and theft during training, courses, support or events. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

10.3 The shipment or electronic transmission of any data is at the risk of the Customer.


  1. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

11.1 For all legal relationships with Capt Juhi Thakur Aviation Academy, the law applicable in the Republic of India is to be used, or as per Agreement.

11.2 Place of jurisdiction for arising disputes is the domicile of CJTAA, Mumbai/India.