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At CJTAA we believe in a one-stop solution policy for our students. We provide you with coaching for all the ground subjects required to obtain the Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Also, our tie-ups with flying schools in India & abroad will ensure that you apply for a flying school under our professional guidance.

CJTAA has a tie-up with the flying school in India and outside India.


When it comes to meeting the basic DGCA requirements for flying, CJTAA has got you covered.

To obtain your CPL, you must accumulate a total of 200 hours of flying experience. This includes a minimum of 100 hours as Pilot-in-Command (PIC), 50 hours of cross-country flying, and 20 hours of instrument flying, with 20 hours specifically dedicated to simulator training.

Additionally, you will need to complete 5 hours of night flying, which involves 10 take-offs and landings. To ensure your proficiency, we conduct checks on aircraft General Flight Test (GFT) both during the day and at night. You will also undergo an Instrument Rating (IR) check and demonstrate your ability to fly a distance of 250 nautical miles under supervision. Furthermore, you will be required to complete a 120-nautical-mile night flying exercise under supervision.

At CJTAA, we are committed to providing comprehensive training that aligns with DGCA standards. Our experienced instructors and state-of-the-art facilities will guide you through each step of your journey toward becoming a certified commercial pilot. Join us today and take the first step toward your aviation dreams.

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For students planning to fly within India, we provide thorough assistance throughout the registration process, ensuring a seamless experience. Our package includes not only top-notch training but also essential flying equipment, comprehensive documentation support, assistance with EGCA registration, and arrangements for food and accommodation. 

If you’re considering flying abroad, we understand the unique challenges and requirements that come with international flying. Our team is dedicated to providing guidance for the entire process, starting from obtaining your I20 and navigating the visa procedure. Once you’ve successfully completed the necessary paperwork, we’ll assist you with flying training, documentation, accommodation, and even the conversion process back in India, ensuring a smooth transition throughout your aviation journey.

At our institution, we believe in comprehensive support and personalized assistance for our students. 

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