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CPL Course Duration – 3 Months For acquiring a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). The subjects to clear depending upon the individual’s decision to fly in India or Abroad. If you decide to fly to India then you shall have to clear written exams and One Written Viva Examination, which are Navigation, Technical, Air Regulation, Meteorology, and Radio Telephony. If you decide to fly abroad, then you only need to clear Navigation, Air Regulation, Meteorology, and Radio Telephony in the case of CPL.


Minimum Age – 18 years
Education qualifications – Physics and
Math’s in 12th Standard

NIOS (Nations Institute of Open Schooling)
Clear 12th Physics & Maths paper with 35%

Total Duration for cpl

Class 1 Medical

3 Months for Ground Classes

12 Months for Flying Training (200 Hrs.) including sim session on single and Multi Engine

5 Subjects – Air Regulation, Air Navigation, Meteorology, Technical Specific and RT

4 Regular Attempts in an year

4 On-demands Attempts in an year



The process of accurately ascertaining one's position, planning, and following a route to reach a planned destination has always been of utmost importance. Navigation, for ages, has held great significance.


Teach us about how we are not supposed to enter the cumulonimbus (CB) cloud, also appropriate weather condition to fly the aircraft, also reading the charts to help and understand the type of weather in the route as well as on various other departure or destination aerodrome.

Air Regulations

As we are suppose to follow the traffic rules on the road also we have such rules in the air for aircrafts so the basic understanding of the rules is as important as the learn to fly. Because any monkey can fly but humans fly with the proper understanding.
Professional Simulators

Radio Telephony

It’s very much said that “communication is a bridge between confusion and clarity”. So there is always someone in the ATC who is there to guide/suggest/help/ direct you towards your destination so it is really important understand and improve your vocabulary and communication skills so u can pass your message.

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