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CJTAA is an online platform for pilots and the aviation enthusiast of the sky for whom the sky is just not the limit. We are here to guide all future flyers from the cockpit. A One-stop solution from scratch until you reach your aircraft's cockpit door.

No false hopes we are here to serve you the genuine wings to your flying career.

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Educated by The Expert

CJTAA is a place where suggestions and guidance are directly from a commercial pilot license holder who started her flying career in Yash air limited and finished flying in Nagpur flying club, she also got trained on the amphibian aircraft Cessna 206, did multi training in AAA from the Maldives and very well experienced knowledge of aviation industry have been trained by various mentors are who’s who of the aviation industry, my elder brother is also a CPL holder and my 1st mentor to start my career in the aviation industry we both have a keen interest in business as we belong from a business background, so we keep our all license current and are hobby flyers now. Giving guidance to the future enthusiast pilot is my passion, so bringing this all-new platform for the one-stop solution and genuine advice straight from the pilot of the cockpits Have been training since 2008 – till date. Have been guiding many students for their smooth flow for flying and clearing their papers. Also been teaching aviation meteorology and air regulation.

As visiting faculty, aviation consultant, business developer, and operation head, flying on C-152, c-172, PA-34, and C-206 amphibian aircraft.


Custom-made comprehensive study materials are provided to each student for the subjects taught. Tests are conducted throughout the term to prepare them for the challenging DGCA and airline examinations.
At CJTAA, we offer projector-based audio-video teaching, complemented by the use of aircraft models as teaching aids. This combination enhances clarity and provides a better learning experience.
At CJTAA, we have designed an elaborate, proven, and tested course for our candidates, which ensures a guaranteed high pass percentage. Our module includes specific course-oriented lectures pertaining to the subject matter.

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