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CJTAA is a platform for the pilots and aviation Enthusiasts of the sky for whom the sky is just not the limit.  we are here to guide all future flyers from the cockpit. A 1stop solution from scratch till you reach the cockpit door of your aircraft.

Custom made comprehensive study material provided to each student for subjects taught. Test’s are conducted throughout the term to gear them up for the challenging DGCA & Airline examination’s.
Projector based audio-video teaching is provided here at CJTAA. Aircraft Models constitute the teaching aids used here for better clarity.
We at CJTAA have designed an elaborate, proven and tested course for our candidates which will ensure a guaranteed high pass percentage. Our Module includes specific course oriented lectures pertaining

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The Aviation and Hospitality industries are highly demanding and expect employees to be thorough professionals and experts at what they do. Right from technical knowledge and skills, to professional competence, critical thinking, positive attitude, public speaking, and pleasing personalities, it takes a lot to succeed in these industries.

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The Aviation and Hospitality industries place a high level of expectations on their employees, requiring them to demonstrate professionalism and expertise in their respective fields. Succeeding in these industries entails a wide range of qualities, including technical knowledge, skill proficiency, professional competence, critical thinking, a positive attitude, effective public speaking, and an appealing personality.

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